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Sleep is an important part of human life, so don't let snoring ruin your sleep. To stop snoring in a healthy and safe way is actually very simple, make the upper respiratory tract to keep open is the key. SnoreBye stop snoring patch from the root effective stop snoring, enjoy a quiet sleep all night.


Promote blood circulation, warm the body's organs, and keep the airways open.

Anoectochilus Roxburghii

Lower blood pressure and effectively relieve snoring caused by cough and asthma.

White Mustard Seed

Reduce phlegm and cough and protect the lungs, thus effectively stopping snoring.


Effectively stop wind-heat, relieve swelling and pain in the throat, and allow the throat muscles to relax.


Relieve fever and treat sore throat, and is effective in treating snoring caused by laryngitis.

Cinnamon Fruit

Relieve cough, soothe a sore throat, have a calming effect, and improve sleep quality.

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